I Just finished my irrigation setup -- the plumbing part, that is. I still have a ways to go on the rest of the stuff. I need to install an automatic timer. I have it purchased and I have it figured out where I'm going to put it. I need to put in about <exageration>a half a mile</exageration> of drip line.

I am somewhat lucky that I ran into problems putting this thing together. Yesterday was warm and balmy and I was really in the mood for starting my garden. Unfortunately, I was not able to assemble this water-supply setup as fast as I had hoped. By afternoon the weather was cold again; so anything that I would have planted in the garden would be at risk. A summer garden needs some good warm soil to get going.

Anyway, I just finished assembling the thing and it is functionning without leaks.

I just did a walkaround the back yard and noticed that it looks like the mariposa plum I bought at Home Depot is not going to make it. That's really bumming me out. Why can't I buy something from Home Depot and it live? On the other hand I may just be being sensitive and negative and pessamistic. That tree may be doing just fine and is only waiting for some warm weather to come out.

We'll see. I am having some good signs from most of the trees; but not all of them.

I dropped by a neighbor's house yesterday morning. I wanted to ask her about a citrus tree she has in her yard. If she has good luck with it then I might actually try growing a couple. Well, she said she gets lemons off it and that it is doing fine. Now her tree got visible some frost damage last winter so I asked her if such is typical. She said she normally does not get frost damage on that tree. What I see on that tree isn't frost damage but it is the result of the neighbor spraying bleech on it. "She's just that way," she said. "She also sprays bleech on all my oleanders."

Well, that's interesting.