I'm going to just start with some things I think are interesting.

Below is a picture Megan (7) drew. It is a baby wrapped in a blanket. The baby is happy and comfortable. I guess you'll have to take my word for it.

Next is a part of the label of a box of frozen farm raised catfish we recently purchased. We got it out to have for supper tonight and Mrs. Neshort noticed the humor in the label.

I spent part of the day checking the shock absorbers in the van. I had replaced them a few months ago. I was surprised that the replacement shocks were smaller and had narrower mounts than the ones that came off. I double and tripple checked that the shocks I put on were valid replacements for that van and yes, they are.

Anyway, there was some knocking sound that has come up on the real passenger side. I have been certain that the sound was from some play in one of the shock mounts. Nothing to worry about; but I checked them today. Yes, there was a slight bit of play in the right rear shock. I dismounted it and put a couple washers over the mounting bolt in order to make sure I have a tight fit and to span the length of the bolt as if it were mounting one of the shocks that I took off (and discarded). Just for good measure I did the same to the shock on the left side rear too. Everything is all snug again.

Yesterday morning was filled with a trip to Tucson for a T&A (tonsils and adenoid removal) for poor Dakota. She's doing pretty good. She gets all the popsicles and jello she wants and she's actually having a good time with it. A few minutes ago she came in with a part-full bowl of jello and she said, "I'm full! I'm so full. I can't eat any more. But can I have a popsicle?" And of course the answer was "Yes."

The other privilage that she'll have to not get too used to is being able to eat in the entertainment room.

We have gophers in our yard. One of them is lurking in my vegetable garden. Last night he ate the roots off one of my summer squash vines. He ate them all the way up to the stem. I have put a fence around my garden with the entent of releasing a gopher snake in there and keeping the snake inside the garden; but I have not seen any gopher snakes around. I'm thinking of borrowing somebody's Jack Russel Terrior. He'll do some damage himself in attempting to dig up the gopher; but something tells me it will still be less damage than that gopher is going to do if left there.

Some nice warm night I should just go for a drive around some of the back roads around here. With the price of gas it should only run about $70 for a wild gopher snake.

My peach trees have still not leafed out. It's kind of bugging me. The cambiums of the trees are fine, plump and green; but I see no leaves.

Today I called the online nursery about it. The gentleman on the phone set me up for replacement trees (next winter) but would like me to give him a call if they leaf out within a week.

Gophers are lurking in my trees too. I hope that's not a crummy sign.

I've got to do something about those gophers!

Oh. What else. My wife recently purchased a jar of almond butter for me. That stuff is a real treat. It's kind of like peanut butter except that it tastes more like almonds than it does peanut butter.