Today was somewhat productive.

Megan and I covered some major mileposts in math.

Megan, Catalina and I went to see Prince Caspian at the matinee. After the movie we went by Home Depot to pick up a few items for installing a new basin in the girls' bathroom.

We then swung by WalMart to take a look at the fishing poles featured in a newspaper add. I think those prices are "regularly low" but I picked up three anyway. I was going to get only two (one for Catalina and one for Jesse) but Megan assured me that, contrary to my incorrect impression, she's really the outdoor sportsman type and she also would appreciate a fishing pole; so I got her one too.

Later that afternoon Jesse asked me if we could go fishing tonight. I said I was planning for next weekend and tomorrow is church; but upon thinking about it a few more seconds I decided, why not? Why do I have to plan a whole week ahead to go fishing in a river that flows through town?

I didn't have any fishing worms; but I have heard that catfish will bite hotdogs; so I threw three into a zipperlocking bag and off we went.

We fished until about half an hour past dusk and then packed it in.

I didn't fish myself (no fishing license and no fish-pole); but the three kids did. They are permitted to fish without a license if they are younger than 14. I'm not sure what the rule is for 14-year-olds. I'll dig further into it when one of my kids wants to go fishing when she is 14.

Catalina caught a fairly impressive river cat. It has been my habit when assisting a fisherman to get in the water with the fish between me and the bank when the fish is close enough. Too often the fish can flip off the hook in shallow water. In my position - just off the bank - I can flop the fish upon the bank if anything goes wrong. Even if it doesn't I'll still give it a push up onto the bank. I personally have lost a lot of catfish by them getting loose in one inch of water; so when I am pulling in a fish it is my habit to do the same stunt.

Anyway, I assumed my regular position in the water with the fish between me and the bank. As I reached down for the usual heave the line broke. Neverthe less I was still able to plop the fish out of the water.

To get this picture I tried to persuade Catalina to hold the fish by the gills; but she would have none of it. It was a difficult picture to take since she could not hold the fish up for very long.

Oh. I ended up cleaning the fish.

Nevertheless, I think Catalina's hooked.

In case you are a grandparent and want a higher quality picture you can find it here.

One feature you can see from the higher resolution picture is the evidence that the fish swallowed the hook.