I forgot to mention that on the way home from fishing last night we kept an eye out for gopher (bull) snakes since, as you probably know, I'm looking for one for my garden.

We did see two snakes along the road. The first one looked a lot like a gopher snake; but experience told me that it was something called a "glossy snake."

Not interested.

Next we found a snake that looked very much like a bull snake but it was very small. I decided to keep it since a baby bull snake is better than no bull snake.

The kids took turns holding that snake. None held it very long before he/she said it was not fun because it was too wiggly and it felt like it was trying to bite them.

After we got it home I looked closer at it and I noticed vertical pupils. I happen to know the pupils of a gopher snake are round.

Catalina researched her Sonoran Reptiles book to find out what kind of snake it is. She determined that it is a lyre snake. She was shocked that she found the snake in the "venomous" section of the book.

That's interesting. Earlier when I was checking the sex of the snake (female) it seemed it was trying to bite me. No biggie. It is a rear-fanged snake; so it would have a lot of trouble actually getting a bite unless it found one of those web-like areas between my fingers.

We'll be returning it to an area near where we found it.

[The picture below is linked to a larger version]