Yeah. It's been a while since I last wrote. This summer is flying.

I reinstalled FreeBSD onto this computer and am just now getting the environment the way I like it. Currently, in another window, I have installing a program called pidgin. It is an updated version of the old Gaim instant messenger application. It looks like it might be pretty neet.

I earlier installed a program called Empathy - thinking it might suit my needs. A waggonload of other stuff installed along with it. Well empathy didn't work right or there is some additional setup I need to do. Not interested. So I uninstalled it and it's three main dependencies. There is a way to uninstall the other fluff too. Maybe I should try to do that later.

I woke up this morning with a cold. That's pretty crummy.

Hopefully it will be short-lived.

We are going to head off to the AFHE 25th Annual State Homeschool Convention this afternoon. I really don't want to be there when I have a cold. On the other hand, as I took today off work, I would be at work with a cold if I weren't going to the homeschool convention.

Two days ago I got bit by one of our domestic snakes. It was kind of funny actually. I picked up four live rats for them (on Monday.) I set the plastic cage of rats right next to the designated snake feeder cage. I should have realized I was making a mistake when I fed the first snake. I put the snake in the feeder cage, openned up the cage with the rats, picked up one of the rats and as I was placing it into the feeder cage the snake started to crawl out of the feeder tank and almost grabbed a rat out of the rat cage. I put the feeder tank lid in between her and the rats and scooted her back into the feeder tank.

When she was done eating I put her back into the general tank and took out the next corn snake. That feeding went flawlessly but it seemed like the snake was interested in having a second rat. With the rats sitting right next to the feeder tank and all those rat smells in the air the snake was ready to stike at anything that moves. That moving object by the way turned out to be my hand. I reached in as usual to pick her up and move her to the general tank and she struck my hand as if it were a rat. She didn't want to let go so I went over to the sink and was about to douse her face in tap water; but before I did it she in fact did let go.

The teeth on a corn snake are very small and they hold on like velcro; but they don't really penetrate much if a corn snake bites a person's skin. It did leave a mark but it's already gone so there is nothing I can photograph to show you.

I need to get motivated and I've written enough for now.