We made a trip to the Creation Museum today. Our intent was to buy a two day pass and attend the exhibits for two days; however, it was a bit cheaper to just buy a yearlong pass - so we did.

I am enjoying it. We did not have time to go through the whole thing so it was a good idea to spend an extra day.

The museum wasn't exactly what I expected. It comes across like an elaborate museum of natural history but with a Biblical world view.

After a while I got to thinking the exhibits were getting overly preachy; but then I thought about the other museums I have visited over the years and they are no less preachy but with an evolutional bent rather than Biblical.

There are not as many artifacts in the museum as I had expected; but that's typical of the type of museum.

The price is a bit high for what is there to see but then I got to thinking that this particular museum is not government funded.

So, one big motif is that the world did indeed experience a worldwide cataclysm of a flood. Noah's arc, as it is descibed in the Bible was large enough to carry every "kind" of animal - including dinosaurs.

There are plenty of neet-o exhibits that appeal to all ages and interest levels. There is a cutaway of a possible interior depiction of 1% of the volume of the arc. The kids are able to walk through that portion and imagine what life on the arc might have been like.

One room had a lot of written information regarding the associated exhibits. Fortunately, the same room also featured puzzles and touch-screen computer activities for the kids - affording the grown-ups more time to read the exhibit blurbs without feeling rushed.

Incidentally, the girl featured in here using the touch-screen computer is my neice.

The picture below features some possible scene in the arc. The lady in green might possibly be Mrs. Japeth. I was thinking right away that the stairs don't seem too safe for that kind of walking, especially when carrying stuff. That scene is supposed to be on a big ol' arc all tossing to and fro. Maybe a person could still navigate those stairs without holding on to the railing since the tossing about might be real slow due to the size of the arc.

The museum has a petting zoo too; but we have not been able to visit it yet. Supposedly this zoo features a horse/zebra cross and also a donkey/zebra cross. That part of the museum is a part of the tomorrow agenda.

I'll tell you what. I just got hit with a wave of sleepiness. We are at a hotel right now and everybody has turned in for the night. I'll try to finish this article sometime. No warantee implied.

2008 08 01

The bookstore at the museum is quite extensive. I am a bit frightened to see Mrs. Neshort go in there. We didn't buy anything yesterday; but there's still today!


When we have to rent a room for a night Mrs. Neshort likes to make reservations with Holiday Inn Express. Holiday Inn Express has rooms big enough to bed down our six-member family (two queens and a sofa-sleeper) plus they have a really good breakfast.

Before we went on this vacation - when Mrs. Neshort was looking for a couple rooms to handle us and cousines she had trouble finding a Holiday Inn near the museum. She started widenning her search and finally found one about 30 miles from the museum. That didn't seem bad at the time. Little did we know that the road to the Holiday Inn was rural, had a low speed limit and went through several small towns. When we got to the motel we realized that it was not a Holiday Inn Express but rather a plain ol' Holiday Inn. This outfit did not have a complimentary breakfast; HOWEVER! it did have an adjoining restaurant at which kids under 12 ate free.

That restaurant also had the kids-eat-free deal for dinner; so we thought we'd give them a try. This restaurant was kind of ritzy and seldom served parties of our size. I don't know if that is any excuse for them being so confused. Anyway, Mrs. Neshort ordered a half-sandwitch with salad. When the order came out it was a whole sandwich. When my daughter Dakota's (5) cheese pizza came out it had peppperoni on it - which to her is no good. The waiter took back the pizza with the agreement that he'd just take off the pepperonis and bring it back; but the chef would have none of it. He insisted on re-preparing the whole thing from scratch. By the time the pizza came out everybody was done eating.

In the mean time, and in the course of correcting the pizza affair, Mrs. Neshort reported that she had ordered a half-sandwich with...

Oh, that's right, said the waiter. You can keep the whole sandwich and I'll be right back.

He brought her a bowl of soup (not salad). With all the hubbub, we decided to let that one slide.

When the checks came it took at least three attempts for each check to get it right. The kids meals were charged. Adult meals were charged at the wrong price.

And this restaurant charged for every refill of my iced tea.

Incidentally, it took the chef so long to finish our orders that My daughter Megan (8) blurted out, "Is this all we get is refills!"

Breakfast was just as difficult for getting the bills right. I won't go into detail. It's very similar. I didn't get any refills this time; but they charged me for two coffees anyway (for example).

The museum has a nice little man-made lake on the premisis. There are some bluegill and bass swimming around in it. There are bubblegum type machines around the lake but instead of bubblegum, the give you fishfood pellets... a small handful for a quarter.

Why feed your fish when other people will pay you to feed them, ay?

The pond was planted with several different types of water lilies. Some of them were in bloom and were quite beautiful.

At one point I and my four children went back out into the parking lot to the two vehicles we drove because we had snacks there and the snacks were much less expensive than the food at the on-sight restaurants.

While going through the lot we happened upon a vehicle with its engine running and its backup lights on. I had everybody stop since we needed to walk behind that parked car in order to proceed. The lady in the driver's seat waved us on and said, "You can go ahead. I'm waiting for someone."

I said, "Isn't you car in reverse?"

"Yeah; but my foot's on the brake."

"I'll wait," I said, "or if you don't mind putting your car in 'park' we'll go ahead."

Well, she took her foot off the brake, backed up and took off.

She was probably a Presbyterian.

I attended two lectures the following day; and I hung out in the bookstore some and it seems that's about all I did. There are fossil displays outside the main part of the museum and I spent some time looking at them. The rest of the gang attended the planetarium show again and went to the parts of the inside area of the museum that we didn't have time to see the previous day.

All the kids went over to see the petting zoo. Supposedly they have a zoarse (horse x zebra) and a zonkey (zebra x donkey). Mrs. Neshort went with the kids and took a few shots. This shot of the zoarse is the best of what I can find on her SD card.

We got back really late that night. I think it was around midnight. It was late.

We did not take our van due to a mechanical breakdown. I'll talk about the van business in a future blog article.