I don't watch a lot of TV. I really am behind on the news. I catch some news from a single monthly conservative news magazine; and that magazine always assumes I have already heard or read a good deal of the news.

I recently was given a six month old female shar pei. She's a bit of a stinker. She hasn't had any indoor puppy accidents. That's one of the benefits of getting an older dog. They seem to pick up almost instantly that business is supposed to be outdoors. You miss out on the wonderful hoochi-coo of having a little fuzzy puppy but you don't miss out on all the wonderful your-turn-to-clean-up-the-mess.

If there is an accident or two, they can be fairly large.

She's not a stinker because of any bio-messes. She's a stinker because of the way she relieves stress. The first incident occured when she started snooping around our little bathroom and somehow closed the door with her inside. I was at work; so she stayed in that bathroom for 14 hours. She did a lot of scratching to get out of the bathroom. There is some significant moulding worn away from around the door.

The next day, as I went out the front door she must have not taken it very well so she scratched some notable damage into the moulding around that door.

Anyway, I have been trying to think of a nice name for this dog. My first thought was (is) Mandy - short for Mandarine, which is a Chinese dialect. Since I acquired this dog during the 2008 olympics I thought that perhapse I might name her after one of the notable female olympiads. I just now turned on the TV to see if there is any gymnastics or something on. No. It's swimming and track. The stars are Brits and Jamaicans.

In the mean time I pointed my web browser to youtube. I was interested in a part of the openning ceremony that featured some very good operatic singers. It was there that I heard the story about a little 9 year old girl who lip-synced the Chinese national anthem. The actual singing was performed by a 7-year old. As the story goes, the 7-year-old was not cute enough to actually perform in front of the world; so a cute 9-year-old was actually on stage for everyone to see. Yes. Youtube is my news source.

Anyway, I stumbled upon this commentary clip which is funny and maybe a little over the top politically. Maybe not.

I spent ALL DAY LONG installing two light fixtures in the girls' bathroom. I won't go into all the gorry details. It was tedious, arduous, painstaking, annoying and fraught with problems. I mention it because the abovementioned shar pei followed me everywhere. Up the stairs. Down the stairs. Wherever. Up in that bathroom there is a large mirror propped up in the shower. She would sit and stare at the mirror and complain. I thought she was bothered about the other dog in the mirror; but as I watched it became apparent she was bothered by the other ME in the mirror.

Maybe I should name her Alice.