Warning. This article contains pictures of dogs. Viewer discretion is advised.

Who let the dogs out?

The last two days of the GOP convention has gotten me to thinking.


... about dogs.

Sarah Palin's and John McCain's speaches were interrupted by hecklers from a group called Code Pink. Very good evidence holds that the hecklers obtained passes from some journalists from MSNBC. I'm having trouble doubting it.

Code Pink.

Speaking of code pink. Cocoa is in heat.

When she's done I'll be taking her to the vet and turning her into a Democrat.

That's a navel sticking out from under that lady's dress!

Those Code Pink hecklers said they don't discriminate and are quick to heckle at any political function. Supposedly the cap below features a Code Pink member heckling Barack Obama.

Those reporters must think I was born yesterday. That's not heckling. That's applause.