2009 01 02

All right -- ALL RIGHT! If I have to write ANYTHING I'm going to write SOMETHING.


It's interesting how playing video games has a way of affecting the vocab of the kids. Dakota and Megan were playing chess this afternoon. At one point, Megan made a move and said, "I'll be right back. I have to go to the bathroom."

"Okay," said Dakota. "I'll pause the game."

If Dakota looks a little weird in this picture it's fair to mention that she's wearing her eye patch (therapy for amblyopia).

Incidentally, that chess set was a gift to Dakota from her brother Jesse. It's kind of from both Jesse and me as the overall price went somewhat above what Jesse could afford on his own. He got the chess bag and maroon roll-up chess board from a vendor on eBay. From a different vendor he acquired the chess pieces: yellow and red.

The rest of this blog will feature various pictures I discovered on Mrs. Neshort's digital camera when I was pulling off the chess picture above. In the mean time I'm watching an episode of 24.

But it's supper time; so this article is getting put on hold for a few minutes.

Not bad. Lasagna.

Anyway, I located this nifty picture of Dakota playing with a handmade toy she got from her Grampa.

Grampa enjoys making toys.

The final picture in this article is one that was taken earlier in the month of December. Mrs. Neshort, Dakota and her cousine are making christmas cookies.

Last August we took a road trip to West Virginia. On the way my back really started hurting. It hurt like the dickens just getting out of a sitting position out of the bucket seat and get into a standing position. Over the next few months the pain got worse. Eventually I went to the doctor and was prescribed physical therapy. Yesterday I came to the conclusion that the PT isn't helping. I really want to avoid surgery as I haven't known many people who have been helped by back surgery. I went to the doctor today specifically asking for drugs. He was about to prescribe Valarium (the Rush Limbaugh drug). I said I really wanted something non-narcotic; so he prescribed something different: Skelaxin (metaxalone). So far, I may go back for something stronger. I just took my second dose and I'm not impressed.

On the other hand, I know a person at work who was prescribed Valaium for back pain. He still, after many years, uses the drug. When he needs a hit he sneaks off in private, crushes up a pill and snorts it.

I'm going to have to read up more on herniated disks.

Also on that doctor's visit the doctor refered me to a back surgeon. That spooked me. I'm going to talk to the surgeon. I sure don't want to become an addict.