2009 01 06

I just finished reading a book by Mark Levin. The book is called Rescuing Sprite. It's about a family's time with the family dog. It's a pretty good read. The best line in it is:

The pain of loss is the price of love. That is way too good to pass over.
Debra Burlingame

Among many thoughts, I got to thinking about an incindent that happened this morning. Our 17-year-old dog has started eliminating inside rather than outside! We have witnessed her going to the doggie door, sticking her nose out into the chilly weather, turn around and eliminate on the floor. Many dog owners don't have doggie doors and just make sure they take their dogs out several times a day. I figure that approach may be better than trying to retrain a 17 year old dog how to eliminate outside after spending 16 years properly eliminating on the correct side of the entry-way. That's my plan, anyway.