Dakota came up to her mother and me this evening and said, "My tooth is almost out." She was wiggling it. We had encouraged her to work it out since the adult tooth is already coming in behind it and it won't be pushing out the baby tooth before it.

The adult tooth, by the way, did not come in gold. Dakota never had the opportunity to put her tongue into the hole left by the baby tooth before the adult tooth came in made of regular enamel.

So, I said, "Take hold of that tooth and count to three ... One, two, three, uh! and pull it out." She did. "One, two, three, uh. Got it." And she did. She pulled it out. I expected her to get to "two" and chicken out.

Mrs. Neshort always has stuff ready to go for incidents like this. She'll be getting some toy, Game-boy game or something like that.

We always felt that a gift of some sort was better than money for a 5-year-old.

I'm noticing by the picture to the right that her eyes are dead-on straight. They generally are as long as she's wearing her glasses. She's wearing the last pair we have for her that has the latest prescription. Several months ago we placed an order through Zenni Optical for some back-up pairs of glasses for her. There has been one problem after another getting them delivered. The story at first was that the US customs department helt the shipping crate the order was in - in San Francisco. Customs never released the crate. So Zenni re-ordered the glasses and shipped them. For some reason we still didn't get them. So they ordered them again and we are supposed to get them next week. I have to say, this experience with Zenni Optical hasn't been very good for us. When dependable delivery time is necessary we may be going with another company.

So Dakota's current pair of glasses have been very-very repaired. A spring-temple broke and needed to be replaced with a completely different temple from a box of various "parts" at the local optometrist's office.

At church a screw fell out that held in one of the lenses. As the screw was lost, I wired the lens back in with an art-pipe cleaner. It's holding pretty well and so I have not replaced the piece of pipe cleaner with screw from our glasses repair kit we have at home.

We had a home Bible study at our house last night. I covered Mark 4:1-34 since I thought there are some features in that chapter that often go overlooked and people can benefit from. When we were done I asked if the attendees thought it was a good idea to do this and if we should continue to do it. Unanimously, the attendees (8 - not including my family) liked the study and wanted to continue them. "Okay, so how often? Monthly?"

"Weekly!" said one attendee and it seemed that everyone agreed.

"Okay," I said. "Would you like to rotate teachers? Rotate homes?"

Everybody decided I should be the teacher and my house should be the meeting place.

I mentioned that I was a bit reserved about taking on so much preparation since I wanted to pick up with the Minor Prophets on Wednesday nights when the Silencing of God series we are currently in is complete. I guess they felt like I could handle it. They picked for me the topic of "The Parables." Obviously, it's up to me how to format it. I suggested going through a book (of the Bible) so that people could prepare before hand. Nah, was the consensus. It would be better if people came unprepared and we have spontaneous discussion.

I will have to think about how I'll go about it such a study.

I'm getting a bit more brave about working with my recovering back. Today Jesse and I went out and worked in the yard. We repaired the dog radio fence. We tended to some fruit trees - hand-digging out the suckers that were coming up around the sugar prune tree. We tended to the irrigation lines - getting ready to reactivate them for the growing season. We also caught a lizard.

I have been looking into getting back into the teaching business. The economy is so crummy and there are so many people looking for work I'm thinking that's one thing I could be thinking seriously about doing.

My teaching certificate expired about 10 years ago. I'll have to re-take the proficiency test. But that's not all. Now, new teachers in Arizona have to take classes in "English Imersion." I'll have to get that class completed before even attempting to get certified. There is such a class offered on-line at the local college but it started in January. I plan to go over there on Monday and see if I can sneak into the class this late.