Last year I planted a bare-root Catalina plum. Later that spring I went to the local nursery and picked up an Elephant Heart plum in a pot. Elephant Heart plums need a polinizer and supposedly any other Japanese plum should do. I figured the Catalina plum would be fine.

Not that I anticipate any harvest this year; but the Catalina plum put out two flowers and is leafing out. The Elephant Heart, on the other hand, is still alseep. It's buds are not even swelling. I did a little Web research yesterday and learned that it is a common issue that plums will not bloom at the same time. The best I can figure is that the trees are growing on different root types which are affecting their bloom times.

One option is to plant yet another plum that will possibly (and possibly not) bloom at the same time as the Elephant Heart.

But I came upon another plan. I decided to try my hand at grafting. I took some scions (buds and twigs) from the Catalina plum and tried my hand at grafting them into the Elephant Heart plum. My guess is that when the Elephant heart wakes up (in future years) the hosted Catalina branches will wake up at the same time. If none of the three attempts "take" then I'll try later in the growing season. There are several grafting methods that work well during the growing season.

I did not use a grafting knife. I used a pocket knife.

I did not use grafting wax. I used latex paint.