I have been doing some study recently and I thought I should go ahead and try to expose some of it to the Internet. Much of my study is hand-written and therfore not ready for publication. I have a lot of time on my hands and since I think some of my conclusions are publication-worthy I may try to type them up.

But I do have one thing ready to go.

I have prepared a document that functions as a critique of Robert R. Taylor's lecture on Additions to the Bible from his series Challenging Dangers of Versions. Brother Taylor is a part of the King James Only crowd - that believes any modern-English translation of The Bible is less trustworthy than the King James Version and should therefore be banned from public assemblies of worship.

My rationale for writing this document is as follows. There is a member of the church of which I am also a member who is unabashedly a King James Only proponent. She takes the position that NIV should not be read out loud in the public worship and that she is exposing her children to heresy by permitting them to hear the NIV read out loud.

Considering the movies her children watch, I am certain that this is an issue of GRUMBLING rather than STUMBLING.

This person has begun a "ladies study" at her home. The topic of study is the reliability of the various versions of the Bible. She is using the above-mentioned lecture series by Brother Taylor.

I originally had determined to attend these classes myself - intending to keep the criticisms logically valid; but a brother suggested that my attendance might come across in a way that is counterproductive to my position.

So, instead, I have been preparing written critiques of this lecture series. Although the King James Version has plenty to criticize, I have attempted to maintain the integrity of the KJV (for Christians who prefer it) while defending the other respected versions.