The family trudged off to Boyce Thompson Arboretum today. It seems in the past it took longer to hike the main trail; but it took us only a couple hours. I do think this is the first time we have been there with no kids that needed to be carried. Everybody seemed to be worried that I, with my recent impinged nerves that make my legs (not) work, would prevent me from being able to make the trip; but I did fine after all. My legs have been slowly gaining a good deal of strength back. I don't know if I'll ever be back to full capacity; but I am to the point that I can fake it pretty well.

Boyce Thompson is a giant garden of plants and trees from all over the world that grow well in the southern Arizona climate. Some of the plants are very frost tender and the guys at Boyce Thompson take good care of them in the winter. I became enamored with a particular shrub called Pachypodium Lealii. I was thinking it would look good as a potted plant and I could bring it indoors in the winter. The arboretum has an extensive array of trees and shrubs for sale; so I decided to check it out and see if they had one for sale. Nope. Bummer.

They did, however, have some of those ornamental eucalyptus trees that do well around here, have red flowers that attract humming birds and keep to an ornamental height. I was tempted; but seeing that we may not be remaining in southern Arizona, it didn't make sense to buy one. Bummer again.

It was good exercise for all and a nice outing to boot. We had a picnic and then headed home.

In other news, we recently purchased one of those do-everything printer appliances. I just got around to setting it up yesterday since I needed to fax some papers regarding my temporary disability. I set it up to be network available for printing. It works perfectly when printing from Mrs. Neshort's wireless laptop computer. Everything I read about printing to it from FreeBSD indicates that I'll be able to pull that off on my own wireless laptop. It will take a little longer to set up than it did with Mrs. Neshort's computer (which runs winD'OH!s). I'll just mention this: If I were running a mainstream Linux distro the setup would be faster than I experienced setting it up for winD'OH!s.

Well, I'm taking an online class that is necessary for me to complete in order for me to certify (again) to teach school. That has me very busy. Also, I'm spending a lot of time looking for work since I'm going to be laid off as soon as I am released by doctor to return to work.

I recently purchased another Bible. I have experienced recent anoyance with the need to haul around my giant <exaggeration>15 pound</exaggeration> Bible when I want to read it on the go. I wanted something a little more compact but bigger than the useless pocket size.

So I went shopping and landed on this little NRSV I found at CBD on killer sale. It's a bonded leather Bible and I got it for eight bucks! It's just the right size for bringing along without it getting in the way.

I know it seems weird talking about what I recently bought; but for me, this is a really good deal. I was afrade I'd end up with some cheap paperback and I found this well bound volume!