Looking back, I have to say the last few days have been eventful. Last Sunday Mrs. Neshort noticed some wetness in the carpet in our library room. The wall facing the carpet has water in it. There were two large pieces of furnature against that wall; so we had to move the furnature away from the wall in order to gain access.

With the help of some friends and family we got to the wall and took out the damaged drywall. There were two leakes. The big one was in the sink drain. There was a tiny leak in a copper sweatted joint; but nothing to soak the wall and carpet. I went ahead and repared the sweat joint with a Shark Bite. When I got the old drain section out it told me a forensic tale that would stand up in court. The plumbing was installed and then walled over. Later, on the other side of the wall, a sink was installed. When the expert plumber who installed the sink attempted to attach the sink drain to the plumbing that was now coming through the wall he broke the joint that was now consealed in the wall. He got some kind of putty and pushed into the crack as best he could and then glopped on some kind of transparent glue. Not surprisingly, it leaked into the wall; probably from day one.

I'm guessing they weren't planning on living here!


So the drain too is repaired now. I'm giving sufficient time to let the nether regions of the wall to dry before I wall it over. Plus, I want to make certain the equipment is not going to leak.

Finally, I have a research paper due at the end of next week. I don't want to waste time fixing walls that are not an emergency.

Jesse is playing Little League baseball. He wanted to be pitcher real bad; and he has done a lot of practicing to hone his pitching skills. Unfortunately he is very good at catching baseballs and so he is most valuable at first base. The coaches have been putting the most awful pitchers out there.

He's a decent batter too. So far we haven't been able to get a real good action shot of him playing baseball. In this picture he is in mid-swing in what was a pretty good hit. Snapping a hair later would have had the pitched ball in the picture. There are more games.

We have a pretty decent start on an iris/rose garden. Not all the irises are going to bloom this year; but what is blooming is pleasing to the eye.