2009 05 21

We left for our little mini-vacation about half an hour ago. The kids are already competing with eachother for fractions of an inch.

I thought I'd take a little time and jot a few lines.

At one point, out in the middle of the desert and on a whim, I checked to see if there was a wireless host around, and there were three. The only thing around was a garbage truck.

But there's nothing right now.

I am pretty much finished with repairing that wall water-damage I described in the previous post. Interesting experience. I'm getting pretty good with this drywall bit. Once it is pained I don't think it will be evident that there was ever an issue there - or if there was ever a repair.

We are now in Duncan, Arizona. There are 16 wifi connections available here. We are waiting to hook up with my brother. We are waiting at the oldest church building in Arizona: The Duncan Church of Christ. If one of our cameras was available I might snap a shot.

I'm going to try to connect to one of these wifi connections and upload this blog.

I was not successful connecting to a single one of those wifi access points. Only a couple of them were open anyway. I continued to connect as we drove through Duncan. My scanning hdclient briefly connected to an SSID called CHAPPAREL. If it had time to negotiate an IP I would have had to be a speed typist to upload this stuff. I still wouldn't have had time. I'll bet we still have a chance before we get to Lubbock, Texas.

I finished my class on English Language Immersion; so now I can certify to teach. The next exam is on June 8. It turns out I have to get a special fingerprinting registered before I can certify. It's always something, right? It's already past deadline to register for that particular test and there are extra fees for registering late.

I'm also planning to take the teacher exams cold (without studying) which may turn out to be a mistake. They do have study guides; which I may glance through - mainly to ease my nerves.

The ideas for this article aren't exactly "flowing" so I'm going to do something else - like listen to some music or watch a movie... or something.

Well, we got all the way to Lubbock. Visitted a bunch. I did some finagling to get my wireless to connect to my sister's cloaked SSID wifi host. Now it's about bedtime; so no more news for now.