"Many just accept that lame duck status, and they hit that road. They draw a paycheck. They kind of milk it. And I'm not going to put Alaskans through that."

Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin, on announcing she will leave the governor's office at the end of July.

I think I get it.

If Gov. Palin is working towards a run for president in 2012 then she might consider herself a lame duck in the governor's office. Even if she continues to be devoted to the business of the Alaskan people, critics everywhere are already charging her with spending too much time campaigning and not enough governing.

If speaking engagements aren't inhibiting governing, all the legal badgering of her office from the Left surely must be.

There is a problem when anybody can level a hundred legal charges against a person and all hundred charges turn out to be baseless and frivolous (after the charged person has spent a fortune defending herself) and yet that same anybody has legal support to file a hundred more charges. There really needs to come some point at which it becomes apparent that somebody has personal vendetta and should be cut off from filing further charges.

The governor is being badgered with legal charges. She is drawing them by people who are hoping to discredit her in order to make her 2012 run difficult or impossible. If she removes herself from the office the ridiculous ethics complaints that are constantly filed against her by progressives groups should taper off. Defending against ethics complaints definitely impinges on governing.

I don't know what her plans are; but she can certainly remain in the public eye without being governor; and she may be able to do it better!