2009 09 22

I don't know how I'm going to avoid getting sick. Twenty-five percent of my students are coming to school with colds.

I went over to the Walmart today to try to get some batteries for the LED flashlight that is built into one of my pocket knives. The idea was to use it to get a better look at the area under the sink of the pull-trailer in which I am planning to live. Once it was up here it turned out to have a major leak when I turned on the water.

Well, batteries for my pocket knife are somewhat expensive; so I broke down and bought yet another flashlight. That's one thing I have coming out my ears. Flashlights.

So I took my new flashlight to the trailer, got set up and turned on the water. The leak is coming through a fitting that screws into the water heater. It has a stainless band crimping the hose to the fitting and the leak is getting by the crimp.

The hose, by the way, may not be polybutylene after all. It's a light blue color - definitely not gray.

Anyway, I went over to the Home Depot and looked for a solution. I ended up buying a screw clamp and some plumber's glue. I guess I'll take a crack at it tomorrow.

Since my tummy was grumbling I swung by Denny's for a burger. Boy-o-boy those burgers have improved at Denny's. I am still a happier man - and that was three hours ago.

I don't like to go anywhere where I might have to wait for something without having something to read; so I took some reading material in with me to Denny's. I read some from the book God of the Possible by Greg Boyd. My Bible was on the table but I didn't look anything up. The guy at the next table asked me if I were preparing a sermon. It turned out that he "pastors" a local church. I found this incident particularly noteworthy because he is a Navajo man.