Members brought a total of three vehicles to Bible class last night. All three vehicles are equipped with 4-wheel drive. They moved effortlessly around in the church parking lot. My two-wheel drive, on the other hand, gets stuck in the thick snow every time.

Tuesday evening my car got stuck when I attempted to get back to my trailer. With much rocking back and forth and some pushing (on foot) I was able to get my car turned around and positioned facing the street and in the snow ruts my car left that morning when I left. The car was still stuck; but I was hoping that the cold weather would firm up the snow by morning. I was right. I was able to get out and go to work just fine on Wednesday morning.

Yesterday evening I pulled over to the side of the road and waited for traffic to clear. When I felt it was safe I pulled out into the street and accelerated backwards into the parking lot - ramming through the pile of snow left by the plows. I followed my earlier ruts backwards until the wheels were spinning and I was going nowhere. Good enough. That's where I parked.

After Bible class, one of the members used his SUV to smush down the snow such that I could get my car over to the covered concrete porch. That position made it much easier for me to get the car in motion this morning.

I'm eager for the snow to melt.