2010 01 20

It snowed today. It was the deapest snow I have seen around here to date; but I suspect I have seen nothing yet. I had to shovel to get my car out of where I parked it last night. See, last night the sky was clear and there was a nice display of stars. I figured the weather people didn't know what they were talking about with respect to the expected precipitation; otherwise I would have parked in a better place -- one that would have afforded a better approach to the highway.

School was not cancelled today; but it was delayed two hours. That means most students are not in the mood to do work and who am I to fight that nearly un-winable battle? I am making today a kick-back day. To sound more educationally correct, it is a "make-up" day (during which students can make up their missing assignments). I brought out a couple chess sets - which kind of justifies doing nothing with having mathematical games.

One class asked that I put in an Invader Zim DVD - so I did. There are some scenes that I think are really funny; and they are really just one-liners that hit my funny-bone. I have included them within this article.

The weather people are predicting a storm tonight and another tomorrow night. Maybe I'll get lucky and school will be cancelled. Cancelled school makes more sense academically than does a two-hour delay.

You're after my robot bee!
from Tak: The Hideous New Girl
I loveded you piggy!
from Bad, Bad Rubber Piggy