I'm lined up to teach the adult class tomorow morning. I'm standing in for the regular teacher who is unable to be there tomorow. I volunteered to take the class in his one-day absence.

Only a few seconds after I volunteered I pretty-much settled on a topic: T-U-L-I-P. I may have bitten off too much in the way of a topic. My plan - and the way I have prepared - is to blast through all five principles (doctrines) of Calvinism in the single class. I hope to point out several of the main scriptures that refute each position and to correct the bad interpretations of the passages typically used in support of each point. I have never attempted anything like this; and Calvinism currently permeates the church in ways we don't even realize. It has wormed its way in while we were distracted with other things. I'm just a little apprehensive that I may actually be met with hostility from those in the group who may have been affected in the past by Calvinistic teaching.

I prepared a handout which is also available here.

I'll try to let everybody know how it went.