2010 02 16

My T-U-L-I-P class went fine. Indeed it was an ambitious idea to cover such a large amount of information in a single class. My plan was to introduce the five core doctrines of Calvinism and then to look at a number of passages the Calvinists miss-use to support their doctrines. I was able to get through the five doctrines but was only able to cover one passage (Act 13:48).

I was fearful there would be a Calvinist in the class who may take me to task on the points I was making - which would have prevented me from getting past Total Depravity. Fortunately there weren't any troublemakers. Calvinists tend to become rather hostile when their positions are cross-examined.

Sunday evening I had the lesson. I just took a spin-off from the morning class. I observed that there are many verses that are taken from the Gospel of John which seem to support Unconditional Election (and Limited Atonement). I then showed that those passages are there because of the emphasis in John of divine influence of men's faith. John is very strong in his position that faith is a decision and divine influence is resistable. That went over just fine too.