I will probably keep this brief; but we have a number of postable pictures; so here we go.

We swung by the Chiricahua monument yesterday. Jesse and I immediately began a lengthy and rugged hike of about 6 miles; so there are no pictures of us. The girls took a few shorter walks; so there are several pictures of them. I am including them here as I think they are pretty good.

The morning was taken up by dentist appointments for the kids. Since my lay-off from Freeport-McMoRan my kids have been on the state healthcare for kids program. It was a really long wait in the waiting room. Ah, the joys of government healthcare!

This afternoon we are having a chili cookoff: a church activity. I fixed up a big croc of the stuff. I really haven't attempted to make chili this way before. I mean a really good pot. In the past I made facsimiles of chili for the purpose of a lasting supply of food; and so it contained a lot of beans (a healthy staple). This time: NO BEANS! This time it is a matter of personal pride I suppose. Isn't that what Mr. Scott said in the Star Trek episode called "The Trouble With Tribbles?"

It's a windy day today. I started to do some yard work earlier; but the wind was just too contrary. After I post this I may go back out and see just how crummy it still is. March came in like a lamb. That little proverb has always shown itself to be true with my experience.

This picture was taken a few days earlier by my dad. Besides featuring two of my children it also features some of the wild flowers of the local landscape which have resulted from the spring rains.