I feel awful today. Last night at around 6 P.M. I was overcome with the need for sleep. That symptom is often an indicator of a flu coming on. It turns out to be a basic sinus infection. It's probably viral. It seems to be draining alright and will probably only ruin my weekend.

Cafepress is a cool tool for measuring public enthusiasm over various issues. I was wondering how people are thinking about the 2010 elections and so I did a generic search at cafepress.com for 2012 mugs. Discounting the ones that are silly (Jack Bauer, 2012, etc.) it seems there is a lot of interest in Sarah Palin running. I'm hearing a lot of people talking (in conversation) that Palin couldn't win due to her having resigned from the Alaska governorship. I personally don't see that "negative" as a fatal flaw in her job history.

What I'm seeing a lot while browsing the designs is a particular interest in a ticket that includes Sarah and Glenn Beck! I have no idea where it is from which this sentiment arises but I'm definitely intreagued by the notion. Glenn Beck minces no words where many polititions would mince. That would cause a lot of pre-made enemies in Washington. However, any G.O.P. president has the same enemies these days; so what difference would it make. Two obscure candidates would recieve just as much heat as would a Rush Limbaugh/Ann Coulter ticket.