Does anybody see what's happening? Our opinions are being softenned for what's coming. Thomas Sowell sounded like an apocalyptist when when he expressed that everybody's health care would be worse under a government managed system.

MSNBC's Chris Matthews comes across like a nutcase when he comments on congressional passage of the health care bill by saying they were successful in "creating socialism."

It is becomming evident that socialism is not only the agenda of the current administration but it is also the agenda of establishent journalism. In an article published yesterday in the New York Times the author repeated the prophecies of Thomas Sowell except in argument that these things are wonderful and we should embrace them!

This try-anything-and-everything instinct is ingrained in our culture, and it has some big benefits. But it also has big downsides, including the side effects and risks that come with unnecessary treatment. Consider that a recent study found that 15,000 people were projected to die eventually from the radiation they received from CT scans given in just a single year — and that there was “significant overuse” of such scans.


It’s not just CT scans. Caesarean births have become more common, with little benefit to babies and significant burden to mothers. Men who would never have died from prostate cancer have been treated for it and left incontinent or impotent. Cardiac stenting and bypasses, with all their side effects, have become popular partly because people believe they reduce heart attacks. For many patients, the evidence suggests, that’s not true.

Do you understand what you just read?

Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano apologized for profiling "veterans returning from Iraq or Afghanistan" and the "right-wing" as potential terrorists. Based on what they have planned for us, the administration knows where its ideological enemies will be and they were absolutely correct to profile veterans and anybody else who loves his individule rights.

If you are to create socialism, history tells us you have to kill your idological enimies.

Mark 13:37