I have been working with several unix-like operating systems on my new laptop. I think I'll go into detail about the whys and whats in a subsequent article.

The main thing I want to discuss is a particular software I have most often included in my FreeBSD installs. That software is wdm. It is a login manager. Technically, it is a display manager. A display manager permits a user to log onto another computer on a network (including the Internet) and use its graphical resources. Years ago I got stuck on wdm because I couldn't get the KDE display manager (kdm) to work for me.

The problem arose over time that I could never get wdm to work right away. I always had to do some infernal troubleshooting to get it to work; and the cause was something different every time.

On my most recent install of FreeBSD, I again installed wdm and attempted to configure it. It didn't work. I started looking for an alternative that works more dependably. I have found happiness with SLiM! It doesn't support remote login; but who still uses remote login anyway?

The image below is actually a link to a larger screenshot of my own theme for SLiM.