I recently visitted the optometrist. As I have become increasingly frustrated at the decreasing ability of my eyes to focus at different depths I asked the optometrist:

I'm getting used to trifocals. One thing I find frustrating is attempting to look at really small things really close. I was wondering if it would be useful to get a special pair of glasses for real close up work - and add a +3 or +4 to the sphere.

He said, "That would be fine; but +4 is probably overkill."

He helped me to determine the pupil distance for +3 (about 2 mm less than +2, for general reading).

I went to zennioptical.com and ordered a pair of +3s.

Since receiving them I have already used them twice. I used them once to pull a tiny splinter out of Dakota's (my daughter) hand. The other time I needed them because one of the screws that hold the lenses in another pair of my glasses fell out. That's like micro-surgery to put those screws back in. I needed my +3s.

Incidentally, if you wear contacts this trick should be a lot easier. Just run down to the drug store and buy a pair of +3s.