I did some irrigation work this afternoon.

You may remember a story detailing the assembly of my original irrigation design. Well, with those couple nasty cold days we had a few weeks ago I, like just about everyone else in town, got a water leak. Fortunately what burst was the filter of my irrigation system. All I needed to do was close the valve I had installed for just such a surprise.

The difficulty was that the filter is right-hand threaded on both sides; so unscrewing the broken one and screwing in a new was not possible without cutting the pipe.

This time I installed a quick release so the repair will be easier in the event the filter needs replacing in the future.

We were expecting that cold weather and we took precautions. Future precautions are going to include a trip out to the irrigation station to close the valve and drain the filter.

One of the cold-weather precautions I took was to protect the citrus trees. I rigged up some christmastree lights (the kind that actually get warm) around the trees and powered them with a supply that turns on only when it gets down to near-freezing. I also covered each tree with an old sheet. Still, with the unusually cold cold, the trees took a pounding. They will live; but we'll probably not get any fruit from them this season.

Anyway, I took the sheets off today.

All this business today was done one-handed since left hand still isn't worth much. I might end up needing another surgery for carpal tunnel nerve constriction resulting instantly from the last surgery when I had a plate installed.

Here is a shot of my original injury. There are at least four fractures in this picture. Next is how it looks now.