2011 09 02

A little rant.

I appreciate Sean Hannity's perspective; but sometimes it is a real burden to listen to him. He'll sometimes go on for several minutes without ever finishing a sentence. It drives me crazy.

In an interview with Michele Bachmann, he asked her, "What then happened... in the process...?"

What then happened - and, again, I'm less inclined to blame the House as much as I am I feel they had after they passed Cut/Cap/and Tax the legs cut out from beneath them because that was the day the Gang of Six made their announcement (I thought that was very damaging) because the President ran out with great fanfare and said, "Ah, we got another deal here. Don't worry about that one that's being voted on in the House today. That's dead on arrival. I'm going to veto it anyway." - in the process (because a lot of conservatives like myself think that, you know, $60 billion in two years doesn't justify $900 billion increase immediately)?

Good grief!