2012 12 18

I got into a conversation today with my dad. We discussed (among other things) the various theories of Time. Believe it or not, a person's theology with respect to Predestination and Foreknowledge is firmly rooted in his assumptions of the nature of time. The frustrating thing about it is that people base so much theology upon assumptions before they even approach the Bible - and they don't even realize they have anchored so much of their theology on assumptions.

Anyway, a few months back I prepared a little handout that I think summarizes the dominant theories of Time. I presented it to the adult class at church and I must say it didn't go over very well. Most of the class was totally confused. Some of the class had already done some thinking about God and Time and had drawn conclusions that I am certain are unBiblical. Since it was evident that I am intollerant of the unScriptural view, some peoples' attitudes were chaffed.

It's very frustrating to me because the New Testament writers clearly saw such thinking to be within the ability of the average Christian. Romans 8-9 and Ephesians 1 are not supposed to be confusing. If the subject is in the Bible, the church should not dodge it; however, dodging it seems to result in more peace - or less chaffing.

Anyway, I noticed that my notes on the subject have not been posted on the Internet. They existed only on my computer; and that's not very safe for stuff I want to keep. I therefore predestined my notes to be posted here and foreknew that I would follow through for the preservation of my notes.

The view of Time I hold very strongly is A-Theory. I am very intolerant of B-Theroy. It is flatly unScriptural. It does matter what a person thinks about the subject because if God's experience is within B-Theory, He eventually becomes a monster and for that very reason many Christians eventually turn away from Him.