Have You Ever Felt This Way?
a hymn by Neil Short

Have you ever felt your faith fall, declining underfed,
Like a stranger when you suffer to eat the widow's bread?
Have you felt the breath of God fill your ministry with zeal?
Could you run with royal horses that gallop for Jezreel?
Now scorned by kindred, confined in Horeb's ground,
You meet your God in a tender gentle sound.
God calls on you to go when you really need to stay,
Have you ever felt this way?
Have you sensed the strength of God when we follow his commands?
Has he found a work for you? Was he working in your hands?
Do the satisfied resist in the name of harmony
When you try to cure a wound they treat superficially?
Some worship God out of proud ambitiousness—
To fit a privilaged few for God to bless.
The ministers of church disregard the need to pray.
Have you ever felt this way?
Did you ride a borrowed colt up to Zion in the spring
While the people shout, "Hosana" and celebrate the king?
Did your tears for Zion bitterly suffocate your breath
When her citizens delivered the lovely city's death?
Then deeply sharing with those you gave your heart—
Such fellowship! feeling so much love it hurt!
Your closest friends desert when you go to die that day.
Have you ever felt this way?

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