Regarding the Preacher
Micah 2
  1. 2:6 - "'Do not preach' -- thus they preach."
    Identify "they." Compare this line with Amos 7:10-12 and Jno 9:34.
    What can we learn from these passages?

  2. 2:6-7 - "Is Yahweh's patience exhausted?"
    Note that the preachers are using scripture against Micah (Ex 34:6).
    Compare 2:6-7 with 3:11, "They lean on Yahweh...."
    How were the preachers incorrectly using scripture?

  3. 2:11 - "I will preach to you of wine and beer."
    Note that this preacher had scripural basis for his message (Amos 9:13-14; Joel 2:24).
    How was this preacher misusing scripture?