Micah 4-5

  1. Micah uses the simile "...like a woman in labor..." to describe something. We want to determine what he means by using this symbol. Before we try to draw a conclusion -- and before you read the passages listed in this question, brainstorm some aspects about being in labor that are both pleasant and unpleasant.

    Pleasant things about being in labor:

    Unpleasant things about being in labor:

    Once you feel you have an objective view of being in labor, read Micah 4:9-10, 5:3. What are your thoughts on these passages?

  2. The restored kingdom is described in terms of a former kingdom. Can you determine who was king of the described kingdom? Here are some hints: 4:3, 8; 5:2, 4; 2:12-13.

    How does 4:13 agree with 4:3-4?

  3. Discuss 4:5. Who would make this statement? Apply the statement to Micah's day and then apply it to our day.