The History of the World Between the Great Flood and the Destruction of Jerusalem
 History of the Hebrews in the Assyrian Period
 Samuel (incomplete)
   Discussion Questions
   Exercise 1
   Exercise 2
   Exercise 3
   Exercise 4
   Exercise 5
   Exercise 6
   Exercise 1
   Exercise 2
   Exercise 3

  Chapter 24

  Mark 4:1-34

  Water in the book of John

Hebrew Alefbelt drill applet
updated 22 Sep 2002


  Romans 8:29-30; Types and Tokens
  20151027 - Was the cross foreknown?
  On woman leadership: 1 Timothy 2:13 <odt format> <Word format>
  Prophecies (?!) about Judas <odt format> <pdf format>.
  handout: Romans 8:16-30
  Review of the Modern English Version
  Analysis of Acts 2:1-4
  God and Time
  Review of The Purpose Driven Church
  Calvinism's T-U-L-I-P
  Things Revealed to Infants (sermon)
  Tenant Farming (sermon)
  Notes on the formation of the New Testament Canon (article): Open Office format | msOffice format
  Best Questions in the Bible (sermon)
  God's Glorious Arm (sermon)
  The Aroma of Christ (2 Cor 2:14-17) (sermon)
  Strive to Enter God's Rest (sermon)
  Introduction to Ephesians (bible class)
  Response to Robert Taylor's King James Only lectures:
   Response to Lecture 3: Additions to the Bible
   Response to Lecture 4: Subtractions from the Bible
  King Ahab's Family Tree

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