I would like to introduce a cool application that was written by a fellow member of the church where we work.

The application works in conjunction with a very flexable cd burning software called cdrdao. The cdrdao application asks a user to prepare a job file called a "toc file." The toc file tells cdrdao how to burn the cd - so it may say "put a data track here, put an audio track there, and take this audio file and make it three tracks, dividing it at 3:40 and 7:12."

Writing a toc file by hand is a pain in the neck and is prone to calculation errors.

This new application solves that problem by enabling a user to mark tracks as the recording is being made. Buildtoc is designed strictly for the preparation of audio compact discs.

Tha application is called "buildtoc" and you can obtain it here

If you use buildtoc to mark your tracks you can execute a line something like this:

$ buildtoc somefile.wav mytoc.toc 0 4:21 7:14 11:01

The above line tells buildtoc to create a file called mytoc.toc. It says to make the toc instructions in the toc file such that a wave file called somefile.wav is written in four tracks, the first track starting at point zero of the wave file (i.e., at the very beginning), the next track at 4:41 into the file, and so on. The last track starts 11:01 into the file and goes to the end of the wave file.

I use this file in conjunction with making live recondings that are intended to be burned onto cd. I record the audio with another application called audacity. I listen for convenient new tracks and write them into my buildtoc line.