Here is a little script I wrote to facilitate converting mp3 files to raw files - which can then be burned easily to an audio CD. The script assumes that the program madplay is installed.

# ~/bin/mp32raw
# script converts mp3 files into raw files
mkdir cd
while read f
newfilename=`basename $f .mp3`.raw
madplay $f "--output=raw:$newfilename"
mv $newfilename ./cd/

I saved it as file name mp32raw and placed it in the ~/bin/ directory of my home directory. I made the file executable. Now, all I need to do is change to a directory that is full of mp3 files and execute:

ls *.mp3 | mp32raw

It has come to my attention that occasionally an mp3 file will not be in stereo and the result will be raw files that, when burned to an audio CD will sound like The Chipmonks. If this possibility is a concern, the madplay line can be modified to read:

madplay $f -b 16 -R 44100 -S -o $newfilename
For what these options mean, I encourage you to see the man page for madplay.