Last updated: 2005 03 10

This document is a little tutorial/how-to/cookbook on how a person might create a bunch of MP3 formatted files from his personal collection of audio CDs and then to put those MP3 files onto a new data CD.

These directions apply to a computer that is running FreeBSD and has an eide CD-RW drive at /dev/acd0c.

The stuff you should type into or see in the command line interface will appear in a keyboard style typeface.

  1. check to see if you have dagrab:

    $ which dagrab

    If you don't get that output, you'll need to install it. Become root and type:

    # portinstall dagrab

    Note: you might need to update your ports before you install a new application

  2. Note: If any of the following commands do not work and you get permission errors you might need to become root to get them to work.

    Create an empty directory to put your stuff in.

    $ mkdir bunchastuff
    $ cd bunchastuff

    For elegance you should make a new directory to place the files of your cd:

    $ mkdir jewel
    $ cd jewel

  3. Make sure an audio cd is in your cd drive.

  4. Execute:

    $ dagrab -d /dev/acd0c -a

  5. Repeat the above two steps until you have a directory full of more directories with the music you want collected. When done, you will use the program lame to convert these files to mp3 format.

  6. The basic format of the lame command is:

    $ lame prettyMusic.wav someMusic.mp3

    I found the easiest way to convert all the wav files in the bunchastuff directory and all the subdirectories I created was to run a BORN script. The good news is that it works very well. The bad news is that it is hard to type without making at least one mistake. It would certainly be useful to make a script for it instead of trying to type it manually; but that's another tutorial.

  7. Move up one level from your bunchastuff directory.

    $ cd ..
    $ls | grep bunchastuff

  8. Run

    $ mkisofs -o mp3s.iso bunchastuff

  9. Burn your CD. Make sure there is a blank CD in the drive.

    $ burncd -f /dev/acd0c -s 8 data mp3s.iso fixate

  10. Enjoy